Watch: Old People’s Thoughts On Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Cover Is A Must-See


“Oh my goodness, what a bum!” said one elderly man in response to Kim Kardashian’s nude cover shoot for Paper Magazine.

The image that sought to “break the Internet” in 2014 is continuing its shock-value in the New Year, this time with the likes of old people. Under the YouTube series “Elders React” created by The Fine Brothers, a few unsuspected people were gathered to share their first-time thoughts on the reality star’s revealing cover. The statements ranged from those who were surprised and have never heard of the 34-year-old star, while others weren’t as shocked as their peers, but nonetheless the reactions are priceless.

“I’m in love and it’s the real thing this time,” one man said after seeing the full frontal shot of Kim’s body. Others praised her for being comfortable in her own skin, but also raised the question, where do we draw the line?

Check out the comedic reel above.