Work it Out: Blast Holiday Weight Gain with 30 Day Ab Challenge


Young Woman Exercising on an Exercise Bike

It was totally fine to load your plate with your all of your favorite holiday food, and going back for seconds… and thirds. We won’t judge you for eating three slices of sweet potato pie because of course it’s the holidays so “yolo” becomes a consistent term when it comes to food cravings. Oh, and we definitely won’t talk about you for taking home a plate from everybody’s house you visited over the holidays. And let’s not mention those alcoholic drinks that easily added calories and sugar. Don’t be ashamed, just be prepared to work all of it off.

Having a gut has never been cute so we’ll help you whip yourself back in shape before it’s time to rock short shorts and bikinis. Although January has already started it’s never too late to start the 30-Day Ab Challenge, completing a variety of tummy exercises, including sit ups, planks that strengthen and tighten your core and leg raises so lets get it ladies.

Click next to check out the 30 day ab challenge and keep us in the loop with your progress with the hashtag #Vixen30DayAbChallenge on Twitter.


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