50 Cent Thinks People Should Stay Out Of The Lil Wayne And Birdman Beef

50 Cent knows label drama. Last year, the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper left his long time home of Shady/Aftermath for an independent distribution deal. The fruits of that have bore quite well and his G-Unit crew set to release a new project on March 3rd. Having been through one major label split has offered him a bit of knowledge and guidance. Yet, even he is shocked to see the messy divorce occurring between Birdman & Lil Wayne over the release of Wayne’s now in limbo Carter V project.

“I’m surprised to see Wayne going through that because of the relationship between him and Baby,” 50 told MTV News. But he also thinks that it won’t be a long standing feud.

“I think it’ll work itself out,” he said. “I hate when personal things become public, because everyone speculates on things that they don’t really know about. I just know that they had a father and son relationship, and that could easily be something they communicate between the two of then, and resolve instead of having everybody else involved in it.”

He sternly admitted that third parties who have zero interest in the matter should leave it to Wayne & Baby:

“Be careful the things you say about the Wayne and Baby situation,” he said. “Because Baby will forgive Wayne for the things that he’s saying, and Wayne will forgive Baby for the things that’s he saying — but they may not forgive you.”

“The relationship has so much depth to it, that you shouldn’t even speak on it.”