Let Charlamagne Tha God And Andrew Schulz Sort Through Your Issues Of Race In Hip-Hop


Why has “cultural appropriation” become such a hot topic in hip-hop? Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz got the answers.

Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are not just side-splitters on MTV’s Guy Code – they are also self-proclaimed race experts. Collectively dubbed “The Brilliant Idiots” on their weekly mix of foolery and pertinent discussion (read: podcast), it seemed fitting to seek the duo’s counsel for VIBE’s “The Race Project.” As the hot-button issue of race continues to surround national news, controversy has additionally trickled into the world of hip-hop. With the phrase “cultural appropriation” making its way into tweets, statuses, opinion pieces and headlines, the blacks and whites of the culture’s grey area have been highlighted by today’s social climate. But Charlamagne and Schulz can aid you in sorting through your feelings. Is “cultural appropriation” a thing? What if Iggy Azalea were black? Why is no one angry at Riff Raff? “The Brilliant Idiots” got the answers. Oh, and a random discussion about interracial dating also made its way into the conversation. Allow Charlamagne The God and Andrew Schulz to work through your issues with race and hip-hop below: