Bun B And Professor Anthony Pinn Discuss Rice University ‘Religion And Hip Hop’ Course


Whether you’re into thuggin’ or attending school — hip-hop can help you learn. That’s why Professor Anthony Pinn and Port Arthur, Texas native Bun B offer a Religion And Hip-Hop course at Rice University.

Today (Feb. 25), Bun who is a lecturer in the course, and the professor stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the course, which is also being offered free online.

“The course looks at the intersections between religion and hip-hop,” Pinn said. “We believe that there are a lot of commonalities that need to be explored. Both of these culture developments have had huge impact over the course of human history and if we don’t wrestle with them we do ourselves a disservice. So we look at the links between hip-hop and Christianity, the links between hip-hop and Islam.”

Also during the interview, Bun and Pinn discussed lyrics from Jay Z and Kanye West.

Click play to watch the entire interview below.