Review: 15 Thoughts On Chris Brown And Trey Songz’ ‘Between The Sheets’ Tour Stop In New York


Hide your girlfriend, hide your bae, hide your side piece – Chris Brown and Trey Songz got boyfriends everywhere shook. Inviting ladies for another round of their “Between The Sheets” tour Monday night (Feb. 16), females (and some of their poor male counterparts) flocked to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for an R&B fiesta. Here are 15 thoughts about the life that was given from the steamy show.—Iyana Robertson (@sincerely_iyana) and Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

1. Despite the tour’s name, Trey Songz and Chris Brown’s catalogs cater to every emotion outside of the bedroom. Songz can flaunt his collection of international baes on “Foreign” or boost libation profits with “Say Aah.” Brown can get the waterworks flowing with “Don’t Judge Me” while putting the peace sign up on “Deuces.” Regardless, the medley of party anthems and X-rated tunes are best served hot.

2. Chris Brown wouldn’t bring his girl to a Chris Brown concert, but he shouted out the brave souls that did. “Bitch, you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Sit your ass down,” he joked.

3. Ladies love them like Cool J. Who knew the entire Barclays Center would play backup singer? Shriek fests aside, there is no stereotypical Breezy or Songbook fan other than the fact that they’re almost always female.

4. Forget what ya heard: R&B ain’t dead. Lest we forget, the baby-faced Breezy and Trigga are sangers. Fine-tuning their vocals for a back-and-forth of hits, the two don’t rely on the inevitable sing-a-long and can adlib the heck out of any track they’re given.

5. Trey and Chris’ Rolodex are Peaches Monroeee-approved. Sir Songz rallied with back-to-back guests Ty Dolla $ign, Ne-Yo, Fabolous and Fetty Wap during his set while Breezy ushered in the boys of G-Unit. However, with New York still reeling from All-Star Weekend and New York Fashion Week, a surprise cameo from a female act (Sevyn?) would have been A1. Opening act Tyga also held his own.

chris brown brings out G-UNIT

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6. A Nicki Minaj booking should have been top-priority. Omeeka’s better half has way too many guest features between Chris Brown and Trey Songz to not have been a special guest. Make that happen ASAPtually, fellas.

7. Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson comparisons will never end – because they are accurate. Fittingly for “She Ain’t You,” CB channels the spirit of MJ, but it doesn’t stop there. You get glimpses of the King of Pop for two hours-plus.

8. R. Kelly would be proud. While the headliners paid homage to Kellz on their duet “Songs On 12 Play,” it’s hard not to view them as protegees of the Pied Piper. From getting low and nearly-humping the stage floor to nailing riffs for days, Breezy and Songz’ performance style are just as swaggy as their ‘fits.

9. NYFW sneaked its way onto Chris Brown and Trey Songz’ stage. Breezy had ombre blue hair. I repeat, ombre blue hair! sitting comfortably under a Billionaire Boys Club fitted. He also glided in BAPE sneaks while Trey wore a red fur vest and an all-black-ensemble ‘Ye would approve of.

10. Only one of the headliners took their shirts off. Hint: it’s the same suit from “Na Na.”

11. Trey Songz saluted the diehards who have loved him since cornrows. While he made it #TBT with a performance “Can’t Help But Wait,” he shuns “Just Gotta Make It” from the set list. One of the very few misses from the show was omitting the old-school gems like Songz’ first official single and Chris Brown’s “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).”

12. But Breezy’s throwback jams still knock. Like, these-would-top-charts-today knock. Unveiling his lengthy catalog of turn-up soundtracks, “Run It” and Wall To Wall” still feel just as good, or maybe even better. Because nostalgia.

13. Chris Brown’s personal woes have no effect on his performing prowess. With his community service wrapped, his beef with [insert this rapper here] on hold and complicated situationship with Karrueche currently in check, Breezy can get back to his crumping self and flourish like the R&B All-Star he is.

14. Trey Songz’s sex appeal is blaring, while Chris Brown’s laidback demeanor sneaks up quietly like that last shot of Patron you shouldn’t have downed. Thus, chalk all the love and affection to Chris Brown the man, not just the sex symbol. A necessary contrast to being nearly overwhelmed by Trey’s almost-perfectness.

15. Yes, the thirst was as real as a glass of water in the Sahara Desert. If you trek it to a “Between The Sheets” tour, don’t go parched.

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