Chris Brown Gives His Hilarious Two Cents On Drake, Kanye West, Amber Rose And Kylie Jenner


With all he’s endured, it’s no wonder Chris Brown can make light of a situation. Exhibit A: his recent interview on Hot 97. As the nearly 30-minute conversation ran the gamut of hot topics from Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship, to Amber Rose, to Kanye West, Breezy kept things comical – while remaining honest about where he stands. The singer also spoke on his relationship with Karrueche and his on-again, off-again beef with Drake.

Between impressions of Drizzy, jokes about resisting temptation and playfully telling Kanye West to “shut the fuck up,” Brown additionally dropped a few lines about shifting the culture of music. He also revealed that he and Tyga are working on a House Party-style film, and that he has also begun working on his next solo album. And while Tyga was on hand to give his two cents, Brown was the star of the interview, offering gif-worthy motions and hashtag-worthy phrases.

Peep a few highlights from their Hot 97 sit-down with Nessa below:

Brown on the hardest part about being in a relationship with Karrueche:
“The hardest part honestly is trying to keep a monogamous relationship, but also still wanting to be the 25-year-old sex symbol. That’s the only hardest part, because at the end of the day, all my music appeals to my female audiences. But you go to shows, you might walk pass Trey room, or somebody room, and you might see about six or seven of them thangs. And I be like ‘Dang, I just wanna slide in there and have a couple dranks real quick. Tell my girl about it later’”

Brown on his current feelings about Drake:
“Yo, we not getting no check from talking ‘bout dude. We giving him all this pub. […] At the end of the day, I look at it like this: I can’t keep making these motherfuckers famous. I’m responsible for a lot of reviving of careers, and I think when I keep talking about somebody – even right now, I just making him hot right now ‘cause I’m just talking about him.”

Tyga on his relationship with Kylie:
“If I love her, and I love her as a person, that’s me. Ain’t nobody else gotta deal with that or worry about that.

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Tyga on whether or not Amber Rose was just sticking up for Blac Chyna:
“Maybe that’s true. You know, they’re good friends and she’s entitled to her opinion, just as I’m entitled to my opinion and my life. So if it’s my decision to hang around and be with Kylie, that’s my decision. I wouldn’t say nothing disrespectful to her, ‘cause I got respect for Wiz, and I wouldn’t want nobody to come up here and disrespect my baby momma.”

Brown on Amber Rose twerking on him:
“With this situation, as a man, it’s friendly. I know that wouldn’t go anywhere further than that. As a man, I’d be stupid as hell. What dude u know ain’t gon’ get on that when she twerking? What? That’s like everybody thirsting and got they thot ass looking at the Instagram. She shaking it in the water. She shaking it with Wiz’s music. And everybody sittin’ there like ‘Oh my damn.’ So I’ma say no?”

Brown also took to Instagram last night to clear the air about his quote on Drake and “making motherfuckers famous.” Writing that he wanted out of the “continuous cycle of bullshit and negativity,” he stated that his focus was his music and his fans:

In the interviews I said I’m tired of making mother fuckers famous… Meaning I’m tired of talking about beefs and if I fuck wit a person o not.. I’m not getting paid for none of that shit and I really don’t need to waste me time wit it. It’s a continuous cycle of bullshit and negativity! I just wanna do my music and not worry about the next man. It ain’t about picking a side becuz you the consumer shouldn’t have to. I don’t owe anybody anything and no one owes me.

Chris Brown and Tyga’s Fan Of A Fan album drops on Feb. 24. Watch their full Hot 97 interview above.