Common Clears The Air On Why He Left Oprah Hanging At The Oscars

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Did Common intentionally diss Oprah’s high five at the Academy Awards (Feb. 22)? Well, the Windy City native cleared the air on the snub during a sit down on Jimmy Kimmel Live where “The Light” rapper simply let the jubilation of his Oscar win get in the way of accepting Oprah’s congratulatory gesture.

“You’re just so in the moment that I saw David Oyelowo first and I was going to him. I was wondering if Oprah was really facing John [Legend], I didn’t know if that high five was for me or for John so I just went safe,” the actor said. “I made sure I talked to her the next day. We talked the next day and it was like, ‘You know I wasn’t trying to play you out, right?’ Never leave Oprah hanging.”

Of course there’s no bad blood between the two. Watch his explanation below.