The Borrowers: 9 Hood Trends That Went ‘Chic’ After Cultural Appropriation


No one should take fashion trends too seriously. It’s understood that sartorial crazes tend to come and go as quickly as traffic lights change, but things get interesting when a shiny new phenomenon strikes a culturally familiar chord.

In the past few years, we’ve watched as daily attire aligned more with house wear while the ‘hood ran Fashion Week runways. Rihanna’s bobby pins and doobie wrap never caught on like we expected (and for that, we are grateful), but other beloved trends unfortunately crossed over to the other side.

Note: this isn’t a swagger-bashing listicle. We’re simply acknowledging the communities that sported them long before they were in anyone’s lookbook.

From glimmering grills and Timberland boots to overflowing assets and full lips, peep a handful of the hood habits the mainstream fashion world swiped and turned “chic.” —Stacy-Ann Ellis (@)

Photo Credit: Jennifer Li