Jhene Aiko Calls Upcoming Big Sean Collaboration Her ‘Favorite’


Big Sean nearly sent his fans to the ER after teasing his forthcoming Dark Sky Paradise album at the end of January. In a series of Instagram posts, Sean and his group of superfriends revealed the official tracklist which featured such names as Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, John Legend And Jhene Aiko.

With only teasers to hold them over for the time being, followers of Detroit’s flyboy are still attempting to recover from the heart attack. Luckily, VIBE nabbed a convo with one of Sean’s collaborators–who called her contribution to the album one of her “favorites.”

VIBE: I know it’s top secret but can you give us any details about your feature on Big Sean’s upcoming album?
Jhene Aiko: I would rather not, but I will say that it’s in my favorite top 3 features that I’ve ever done. One would be the first song Sean and I did for his mixtape, “From Time” with Drake, and then it would be this feature with Sean. But it’s my favorite one right now out of all three, probably because it’s the newest one. I love working with Sean.

Did you guys actually get to meet up in the studio and work side by side?
Yeah, every feature I’ve done with Sean has been a real collaboration. We’re usually in the same studio, but yeah this time, we definitely did. We always work super close, and he makes sure that it’s an actual collaboration. He never sends me anything that is written, you know what i mean? Besides “Beware,” but he just sent me the track, and we got to go back and forth. He let me add on and really have input on the song.

Dark Sky Paradise is set to be released on Feb. 24.