Kanye West’s adidas Kicks Will Finally Be Revealed (For Real This Time)

Kanye West’s long-awaited sneaker collaboration with adidas is finally on its way – no for real this time. Thanks to an Instagram post by Ramon Ehlen, menswear buyer at Renaissance, it has been revealed that Yeezy’s new kicks will have their debut during New York Fashion Week.

Sharing a screenshot of an email invitation by adidas and West, Ehlen employed the hashtags “#newyork” and “#fashionweek,” pointing to the NYFW showing:

It was later confirmed to Complex that the event is going down on Feb. 12. As for how one will be able to get their hands on West’s upcoming collection, adidas has an app for that. The company has released Confirmed, a new mobile aid to help eager sneakerheads reserve their limited releases. It has not-so-coincidentally been released ahead of West’s new line, and will be exclusively available in New York. Go figure.

Download the adidas Confirmed app here.