Kevin Durant Suits Up And Opens Up For ‘GQ’

There’s a reason Kevin Durant is the real MVP (in addition to his wonderful mom). His ability to make the nation cry with one oration is one thing. His style both on and off the court is another.

GQ was able to chronicle all of these elements for the Oklahoma City Thunder baller in their latest cover story. Accompanying the fashion spread—in which he models a variety of relaxed looks in addition to his sharp blue suit—is a story that paints him as not only KD the winner, but KD the feeler.

“I had a fiancée, but…I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying?” he said of his called off engagement to the WNBA’s Monica Wright. “We just went our separate ways.”

He also talked about the heartwarming tears that fell from his eyes during his MVP speech and how more moments like that have been happening lately.

“I watched this video about this guy, his son got killed in front of a nightclub in Miami. And he was shouting at his son’s murderer and just crying. I just started bawling,” he said. “And I was just like, man, I’ve been so emotional since I’ve grown up. As a kid you’re taught not to be emotional. And I feel like I’m starting to let it all out. Every little thing now. So I cried today. And I felt good about it, though. I felt compassionate. I felt, like, loving and caring. I felt good. I think, as a nation, we need to cry with each other. As a world, we need to cry with each other. That shows we care.”

To read the entire piece, head to GQ, but in the meanwhile, flip through to see his sartorial steez.

Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota for GQ

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