New Kids On The Block Might ‘Go Commando’ On Their Tour


News flash: New Kids on the Block are grown men now. Still doesn’t mean we can’t get jiggy to their old-school hits like “Step By Step” or “You Got It (The Right Stuff).” Now, the Kids—namely Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Donny Wood and Jonathan Knight—are back in town and teaming with Cottonelle to encourage folks to go commando.

But before you start dropping your draws, here’s the skinny: Cottonelle is sponsoring NKOTB’s The Main Event tour, featuring special acts, TLC and Nelly.

“We are putting it out there that we might be going commando and Cottonelle gives you the confidence to do so if you so choose,” Joey told VIBE via email, noting that they are not demanding fans to run around sans underwear. “It’s more like we are ‘going commando.’ We can go on stage and feel confident. And if our fans wanted to [go commando], this will help them do so.”

Undergarments aside, NKOTB says collaborations between their tour co-stars could happen. “You know we’ve been talking about some things,” Joey said. “We love Nelly and TLC. TLC just did a Kickstarter campaign and raised $100,000, so who knows? Maybe we will do a guest appearance on the new album.”

If the band had to create their dream show, though, the bill would be bananas. “Michael Jackson, The Beatles… and Bette Midler (laughs),” Joey said. “Michael Jackson is the greatest performer ever. The Beatles, greatest rock band ever and the greatest songs ever. Bette Midler just because. You can’t really top Michael or The Beatles, so you just gotta put something there. She’ll open it up for them. She is fierce, no doubt about it.”

There is no denying the guys’ fire, either. With John on The Amazing Race and the group hosting an annual cruise called Rock This Boat (you can see the seaside shenanigans on Pop TV on Wednesday nights), they will be taking the States by storm on their Main Event outing this year, commando or not. “That’s what music is about, it’s about feeling free,” NKOTB’s Joey said. “Leaving nothing behind.”