Sevyn Streeter is Here To Make Sure Your Valentine’s Day Goes Right


You could be one of two kinds of people this Valentine’s Day weekend. On one hand, this could be Single’s Awareness Day for you, in which you celebrate it partying with friends or curled up in bed with footie pajamas, Netflix and your Instagram feed. On the other hand, you could be snuggled up in the arms of your interest for the night on location. If option number two is your descriptor, then Sevyn Streeter wants to help your Valentine’s Day outing be up to par.

The CBE singer/songwriter knows a thing or two when it comes to love and courtship, as she’s penned love notes for Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Tamar Braxton and more. And with her relationship with longtime friend B.o.B blossoming, she’s in a position to lend out a few courtship tips for the lover’s holiday.

“Every day is Valentine’s Day to me when you have chemistry with somebody,” she said of the newly publicized relationship. “It was just one of those things that gradually happened. It’s not like a high school ‘Do you like me? Check yes or no’ thing. We’re both adults and we just been friends for a really long time and it grew from a friendship.”

Looking back on her dating experience with and prior to Bobby Ray, Sevyn puts on her advice columnist hat for VIBE. Whether this weekend will determine a first impression or is just another outing for preexisting couples, here are seven pointers that’ll ensure your V-Day date is something to look forward to.

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