Suge Knight Reportedly Rushed To The Hospital After Panic Attack


Suge Knight is having a hell of a week. After being charged with murder for his fatal hit-and-run incident last week in Compton, the former Death Row CEO has reportedly been rushed to the hospital today (Feb. 3).

According TMZ, Knight began experiencing chest pains while in a lockup area near the courtroom. It has been determined that he was not having a heart attack, and that the pain was a result of “his nerves.” He appeared in court to offer a not guilty plea to his murder.

Knight’s murder charge was announced after it was revealed that his $2.2 million bail was revoked, as he was deemed a potential flight risk. The 49-year-old was also hospitalized while in police custody back in November. After passing out, he was found to have blood clots.

If convicted Knight faces life in prison. This story will be updated as more information is released.

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