Terry Crews’ Valentine’s Day Advice: Don’t Follow ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’


Photographed above: Terry Crews and wife Rebecca

Terry Crews is Hollywood’s master juggler. When the former NFL star isn’t dividing his time as host of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and World’s Funniest Fails and appearing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, not to mention big-screen hits like White Chicks and The Expendables 3, he’s repping for Old Spice. ALSO SEE: Terry Crews’ New Old Spice Commercial Is All Kinds Of Frightening In the midst of the frenzy caused by New York Fashion Week and All-Star Weekend, Crews and Old Spice took over Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall for an intimate “forest” hike to debut their Fresher Collection’s new scents: Timber, Amber and Citron. Two days before Valentine’s Day (Feb. 12), VIBE asked the six-foot-two sweetheart for his advice to fellas who want to spice up their relationship. Hint: You probably won’t find it in the steamy film Fifty Shades of Grey. “I’ve been married 25 years and this is the biggest thing: It is impossible to love and control a person at the same time,” he said. “Your spouse or girl needs to be free to love, free to be, free to go. And if she comes back, that means she loves you.” He continued, “You know, Fifty Shades of Grey and locking somebody up with chains is not love. That’s the big thing. A lot of guys are gonna get some bad ideas from that movie. I have to tell people. They’re gonna come home and think that’s what love is and it’s not. You just have to let her be happy and let her love her way and enjoy who she is. Don’t try to turn her into anything.” Crews also offered a gift idea worth more than a pair of adidas Yeezy 3s. “The best thing you could ever give your wife or girl is to just listen—for real.”—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)