The-Dream Says R&B Artists Just Want To Be Rappers


The-Dream has finally returned to The Breakfast Club hot seat. The R&B artist and producer revealed he has a new upcoming album titled Crown/Jewel dropping soon. He also shared his thoughts on the state of R&B, exactly what happened with his relationship with Christina Milian, his rumored scuffle with his pregnant ex-girlfriend and more.

Peep some highlights from The-Dream’s The Breakfast Club interview below.

On the validation that comes from black people winning Grammy Awards:

“It doesn’t have anything to do with validation. I think it’s actually more valid as a black artist or a black songwriter to go through that to win one. It’s probably not as valid on the other side because it’s usually name recognition like: ‘Oh, I know him let me vote for him,’ versus on my side I have to flat out beat everybody period. For me it’s valid. On the other side, if Beyonce would’ve won there wouldn’t have been a conversation.”

On his separation with Christina Milian:

“With Christina, it had more to do with a family thing than it had to do with me and her. When you have your combed out section of just you and the other person, you’re good. And it usually is like that, but when you add four more personalities into this it turns into something else. So if the other person can’t shield that off and let’s it in. Then usually you have a problem, and I think that’s most marriages.“

On the current state of R&B:

“It’s hard doing something that nobody actually wants to hear. I think we like to feel ignorant most of times. I think we like to talk about ignorant things. I have a problem with men that are supposed to be R&B artists that talk about women in a certain way, because you’re supposed in the cornerstone of uplifting love in a sense. They want to be rappers that’s why I’m not concerned with what the sales are, because I still have to be me. I can’t compete with what a rap guy would say or do.”