Bottoms Up: Trey Songz Launches New Liquor Partnership

Trey Songz has been making major moves lately. Besides co-headlining the Between The Sheets tour with Chris Brown and jetting to Europe for the next two months as a special guest on Nicki Minaj’s upcoming tour, he’s now teamed with a new liquor brand made especially for (you guessed it) the ladies.

At a press conference in New York last week (Feb. 20), Trigga announced that he is going to be the face of SX Liquors, a brand that dishes out tequila, rum and vodka. Encased in a curvaceous bottle, tequila lovers can pour up some SX Cha Cha Cha (Trey’s favorite) and SX cafédoble while rum will be sold in SX Samba and SX Mojito with the vodka arriving in SX negro and SX blanco.

Trey was also accompanied by the CEO of SX Liquors, David Knight, who has been working with the singer for about a year. While the liquor was three-and-a-half years in the making, Knight explained how the inspiration for creating spirits for women came from his wife, even citing sports drinks targeted to each gender, like Gatorade and Propell.

“The brand is off to an amazing start, we are breaking in industry records in terms of gold medals for design and gold medals for tasting of the product and now it’s all about taking that exciting platform and both ramping it up nationally and internationally,” said Knight.

“And to do that we needed to find the best person on the planet that could help us market, not only from a collaboration of ideas, but also the ability to take it to the people and when we were introduced to Trey Songz and his amazing following, especially for females, it was just the perfect fit.”

The brand is defined as sexy and fun (hence the name, SX), which is right up Trey’s alley. “The idea was brought to me by my management team,” he said. “At first, I was very interested in the bottle, the bottle is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and if you really pay close attention, it’s like a lady’s legs crossed, which, to me, represents sexy but classy at the same time.”

Trey also explained that the liquor is featured in his “Slow Motion” video, the relaunch single for his forthcoming Trigga Reloaded LP (due April 14). Miami was the first city to receive the SX libations in-stores given Trey resides there and also happens to be the liquor’s birth place.

Trigga revealed that about eight bottles of the Cha Cha Cha are usually on deck at his shows and usually vanish by the end of the night. Part of his marketing plan is to bring in SX Angels so his fans feel included.

“We will not fail, you will see SX everywhere I go,” said the singer. “It will be used as a tool… If you want Trey Songz, you got to have SX, too as far as promotions go, as far as shows go, as far as clubs go, as far as anything we do. We will need commitments from the parties that will be wanting commitments from us. I look forward to seeing SX in your homes, SX right on your bar and I want you to request it at the clubs.” Bottoms up!—Yvette Brown