Faux Black Yeezys Made Its Way To Instagram And The Internet Was Not Pleased

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller caught a bit of shade over his custom made Yeezy boosts.

While the $350 kicks are only available in light gray, the anticipated black ones are coming soon, yet Baller couldn’t wait and got his original Yeezys dyed black with the light brown base.

Baller posted a picture of his newly dyed boosts on Instagram and before long, was the recipient of some pretty hateful comments. He later clarified the boosts are real, but not before the misses, Kim K, joined in on the shade.

“These don’t come in black. They are fakes,” the newly platinum blond mom wrote.

My boy @d_preme with the custom dyed black Yeezy boosts. But I can't rock these for a while. At least when I'm able to travel or leave the house I'll be fresh again Edit: Is it really that serious? These were custom made from original Adidas Yeezy Boosts. I got my first job with Nike back in 2002 with Methamphibian customizing AF1's. I have Python AJ1's which aren't fake. It's not that deep people. There's bigger shit to worry about. And KIM DIDNT EVEN READ THE CAPTION. SHE TOLD ME SHE WAS ASKED TO COMMENT. SHE SAID YOU CAN DELETE MY COMMENT IF YOU WANT. BY THAT TIME IT WAS TOO LATE TO SCROLL FOR IT AND ITS NOT THAT DEEP. If you know anything about me, then you know I've known Kim for well over 10 years. No shade on her ever. We have had issues in the past for me cracking jokes but I'm still close with her family. Everyone please get a life and relax.

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Baller replied, “@kimkardashian you could have texted or emailed me. They were custom made by @d_preme not fake. Smh.”

Baller explained he’s endorsed by Adidas, and is a sneaker head who is respected in the culture, so why would he advertise fake Yeezys?