You’re The Star And Controller Of Azealia Banks’ Trippy ‘Wallace’ Video

Interactive music videos are the wave right now. Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj gaves us a taste with their “Touchin, Lovin” video, as did Wiz Khalifa for “Staying Out All Night.” Now, it’s Azealia Banks’ turn.

In the black and white fan-assisted “Wallace” visual, viewers can not only control what Banks’ face is doing, but be in the video right along with her. A webcam feature allows you to pop your face into the background. Cool, huh?

She’s already spotlighted various fans test driving the flick.

Ready to give it a go? Head here to watch the video and be a part of art in action (Note: You must use Google Chrome to view it and turn on your webcam).