According to Balenciaga’s Fall 2015 Runway Show, Melanin Is In

While African-Americans have been deemed as the fashion industry’s blind spot, change is on the horizon.

According to French fashion house, Balenciaga, melanin is in – finally. So much so that the luxury label chose to open their Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 show this weekend with Aamito Stacie Lagum, Nykhor Paul and Lineisy Montero. All eyes were on the three beautiful brown girls as they hit the runway with a fierce strut that would do muva Naomi Campbell justice.

Looks like the fashion world is slowly but surely embracing models of color (or so we can only hope). Either way it goes, Balenciaga’s efforts definitely deserve a round of applause.

Kudos to Balenciaga for joining the “black girls rock” bandwagon.

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