Brooklyn Will Pay Homage To The Notorious B.I.G. With A New Mural

Eighteen years after the death of the legendary MC, Brooklyn is still paying homage to the late Notorious B.I.G. In the latest effort to commemorate the rapper in his hometown, a new mural has been commissioned to be featured on the Key Food market where a young Christopher Wallace used to bag groceries, according to DNAInfo.

Danielle Mastrion, the street artist tapped to bring the new Biggie image to life, shared that the upcoming piece would take a different route in representing the rapper. The mural will represent B.I.G. as a child, before he spit his way into the rap history books.

“This is about his roots and not the rap icon that he became,” she said. “It will be of him as a child sitting on the steps of his brownstone, like any other kid in the neighborhood.”

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Mastrion –  who was also the artist behind the Beastie Boys mural on New York City’s Lower East Side – is also fleshing out possible ideas for the final image. Toying with the notion to paint him as “a shadow on the corner of St. James and Fulton,” the artist aims to make the neighborhood the focus of the piece. Organizer Leroy McCarthy discussed the significance of preserving Biggie’s legacy.

“This is where he’s from,” he said. “Growing up everything he did and everyone he knew was in this five to seven block radius — this mural will honor that history and help keep it alive.”

The mural is set to be painted on the side of the apartments above the Key Food market he once worked. It will be completed over the course of three days at the end of March.