Chad Johnson Gives Twitter Follower $1,000 For Her Birthday

Chad Johnson was in a giving mood when the former NFL star forked over $1,000 to a lucky Twitter follower all so she could enjoy her birthday.

Twitter user @DaRealNette, real name Heather Torregano, was the lucky recipient. It began when Torregano tweeted a link to her GoFundMe account she started in hopes to raise money for birthday festivities.

The college student and waitress told TMZ she was surprised when she saw the donation from Johnson who admits he’s been following her for sometime.

“I cried, honestly. I was expecting people to give maybe like $20 or $50, but a full $1,000? There is no way I could have expected that,” she said.

Well listen here, Chad since you’re being so generous, I’ve got this young student loan…