Charles Hamilton Talks Bouncing Back After Suffering From Depression

What did happen to Charles Hamilton?

The former XXL Freshman cover and buzzing star had seemingly all of the tools to win over a legion of underground rap fans from his delivery, subject matter and wordplay. Then in a matter of months, self-destructive behavior and more washed it all away. Armed with a new record deal and single, Hamilton broke bread with Peter Rosenberg and for 45 minutes (plus one great freestyle) explained why he didn’t pop when he had the opportunity the first time around.

“I found myself on defense a lot,” Hamilton says early on in the interview. “I only pay attention to negative comments so I wasn’t aware of anyone’s foresight of me. I just wanted the negativity to go away.”

The entire interview jumps all over the place from Hamilton only performing in venues he’s comfortable at, struggling with happiness and depression and more.