Interview: For Diggy Simmons, Jet-Setting Is Just A Way Of Life

Diggy Simmons, the hip-hop royal we watched grow up and into his voice on the popular show Run’s House, has certainly stepped into his own sound. With visuals for songs like “Honestly” floating around—where he gets up close and personal with the video’s leading lady, Katlynn Simone—Diggy gets put in the grown man category now.

After a little hush time, Simmons is pushing his music into the forefront more aggressively. He has an EP on the way—Out Of This World which has no set release date—and a shiny new single, “Fall.” The project should be an audible marker for where he is in his life right now.

To celebrate his milestone 2-0 birthday, Diggy will be performing at Irving Plaza on today (March 20), delivering old favorites and new songs from the upcoming project. Prepare yourselves ladies, it’s Diggy season.

VIBE sat down with him to talk about his new single, living the lifestyle of a confident 20-year-old jet-setter, love preferences and more.

Diggy Simmons: “I would say if you’re in that space and you just feel the way you do about that person then it’s just natural, it’s organic, only if you’re feeling that way.”

What he looks for in a girl:
“Definitely like a girl who knows where she’s going, ambitious. She has a plan; she knows what she wants to do, because I’m at that age, that coming of age, knowing where you want to go. She has to be sweet person, kind person, genuine, and no ulterior moves or anything. Someone who’s just fun.”

The effect of Run’s House on his music:
“It definitely made people look in my direction. Had it made people just care for it [my music]? Not necessarily, so I’m happy people have taken a liking to it for themselves and just wanted to see what it was. Whether it was, you know, being that they thought it would be good or being skeptical. It never really mattered to me, but you know, I’m happy it could give people a sense of who I was and they could be like ‘We can see what he has to offer.’”

Thoughts on Empire:
“I’d have to say, off the top of my head – I like Hakeem, but more than anything I’m happy for him. I like to see a young person be able to shine and I know his manager and I knew of him from the show before it came out. Someone young doing their thing and he acts very well, so I love his character and I’m happy for him.”

On his personal playlist:
“Kanye is forever on my playlist. Jay-Z forever on my playlist. Those are the basics for me. You know, I’ll listen to Kendrick of course. Some Rich Gang, for the turn up. I’m really everywhere, [even] Sade, I’m really everywhere.”

Goals for 2015:
“Being happy. If there was a goal it would just to be happen and do things that make me happy.”

Defining ‘Life of the Jet Setter’:
“The life of the jet-setter has always been about living your life, how you want to without any regret. With no caring about what people thought about because that was a block that I had in middle school when my style was just so different. It’s about having no remorse for who you are and how you want to live.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images