Take Care: 7 Drake Apps To Plug Into Your Phone

The cover of Drake’s 2013 LP Nothing Was The Same showing his head floating in the clouds could have been foreshadowing for his recent iCloud takeover. Not only is he spicing up your text convos, he is now taking over the app game. And if you’re reading this, it’s not too late to decorate your mobile screen with some new Drizzy downloads.

Here’s a list of the best Aubrey apps on the market.

1. Drake Shake
Add the 6 God to your selfies or family photos with a simple shake.

2. You Think You Know Me? Drake Trivia
This app tiptoes the line between competition and pure comedy. Put your knowledge of all things Drake to the test.

3. Drizzy Eyebrow Pluck Makeup Spa
Want Drake’s face to be beat for the gods? No need to be a make-up guru with this app.

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4. Drizzy Keyboard
Punching in Drake lyrics via text just got so much easier.

5. Flappy Thug
Look up the word “thug” in the dictionary, and Drake’s picture isn’t necessarily there, but this app lets us wonder. Move over, Angry Birds.

6. Drizzy Ball
Relish in the thought of beating Drake in a dodge ball game. Spoiler alert: it’s fun as hell.

7. Award Clicker
Double tap Drake’s trophies while playing this in the background.