Lil Wayne Allegedly Reveals Drake Slept With His Girlfriend

Well…isn’t this (searches for the right word) “interesting?”

In a shocking confession, Lil Wayne reportedly reveals in a portion of a book being shopped to publishers, Drake, confessed to sleeping with his girlfriend.

In the proposal obtained by TMZ, Drake visited the Young Money general in 2010 while he was serving time in Rikers Island for gun possession. It was there Drake admitted to having sex with Weezy’s girlfriend.

“Yeah, it’s true. Don’t f**k with her like that cause I did f**k her,” Drake says.

Wayne writes he was distraught after learning the news.

“This is the type of s*** that a man never wants to find out when he’s locked up. Or, maybe so, cause only God knows what I would have done if I wasn’t locked up right now.”

The Sorry 4 The Wait 2 lyricist continues to say his girlfriend fessed up to sleeping with Drake just one day before meeting Weezy.

However, learning of the news weighed heavily on Wayne forcing him not to leave his cell for days. Wayne said whether it was Drake or any man, learning of the betrayal cut deep.

“As a man, honestly, that s*** hurt … and not because it was Drake, it could have been any man. It would’ve hurt the same.”

Obviously Drake and Weezy are cool, but damn bruh.