The Boys Are Back: Watch The Official Trailer For ‘Entourage’


It’s been too long since fans last broke bread with Vinny, E, Turtle, Johnny Drama and of course, Ari Gold, but now the wait is over.

The highly anticipated film Entourage is on the way and the two-minute trailer is proof. In the clip, the boys are all living a lavish life in sunny L.A. when Gold gives Vinny a call to star in his new film. There’s only one catch: Vinny not only wants to act, but direct!

All kinds of foolishness ensues as Ari Gold tries to ensure the film’s success. Cameos galore give Entourage the realistic Hollywood feel fans first fell in love with while the series was on HBO. Everyone from T.I. to Liam Neeson, MMA Fighter Ronda Rousey and even Warren Buffett appear in the film.

Entourage hits theaters summer 2015. Watch the trailer at the jump.