Music Festival Season Starter Kit: 12 Fashion Must-Have’s For These Next Music-Packed Months


And finally the moment we’ve been waiting for – music festival season is here.

Last week the musical madness kicked off with SXSW, (South by South West) as the Lone Star state welcomed music lovers and tech enthusiasts alike for full on fun. But the dopeness doesn’t just stop there. For the next coming months, well into early fall, a number of music festivals will take place from Coachella to The Roots Picnic, Made in America and many more.

But aside from the musical acts that will grace the stage, we’re most excited for the fashions we’ll see. When it comes these events there is an unspoken rule of thumb regarding dress code, and it falls sweetly between rocker chic and flower child. From combat boots to fringe vests and flower halo’s we’ve seen just about it all from celebrities to plain ole’ street style strangers.

Thankfully, we’re here to be your festival fashion guide this year – breaking down the appropriate attire with a dope starter kit of 12 fashion must-have’s. Peep the gallery above for the goods rocked by some of your favorite celebs.