Iggy Azalea’s Instagram Is Under New Management

Iggy Azalea recently took a hiatus from Twitter a few days ago, and now it’s Instagram’s turn to get the cold shoulder. She deleted the account after some (of course) emotional statuses about her decision.

She posted:

“I don’t care about being relevant. I just want to live my life and deserve for whatever I do in the privacy of my own property not to be on a blog. That’s just human decency and if it’s hard for you to understand then you have a warped sense of reality. I’m not here for yall, don’t want or need you to talk about me and would be wildly happy if being irrelevant meant being able to check the mail in the morning without seeing a photographer hiding out in a car across the street. Peace!”

The retreat from social media came after a photo of the Aussie rapper standing outside of her house surfaced. She reposted the photo and made a lengthy comment about paparazzi:

“This is me standing in front of my home, which has a 6ft high blacked out fence around it. No one should be made to feel like their own home is a prison because even your garden may be grounds for a photoshoot. I really just want to urge my fans to be aware of what you are enabling when posting these pictures. It is illegal to post images of someone in their home or property with a long range camera. I’m asking in the nicest way possible to please think twice about that. You’re home is supposed to be your place of peace. I just want mine to be that too same as everyone else. “

It’s an understanding stance on privacy from a prominent figure, but some can argue that it comes with the territory. I-G-G-Y said her management and agents will be handling her social media unless we see a “IA” at the end of posts from now on. Looks like this time may be legit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images