Jamie Foxx Makes ‘His And Hers’ Bruce Jenner Joke At iHeartRadio Awards

Jamie Foxx ruffled a few feathers at last night’s (Mar. 29) iHeartRadio Music Awards. Serving as host/performer for the festivities, the comedian’s routine included a quip aimed at Bruce Jenner. Jokingly announcing that the patriarch of the Kardashian clan would be among the night’s performers, Foxx alluded to the former Olympian’s reported sex change.

“We have some groundbreaking performances here too tonight. We got Bruce Jenner, he will be here doing some musical performances,” Foxx said. “He’s doing a his-and-her duet all by himself. “I’m just busting your balls – while I still can.”

Drawing a few giggles – namely from Chris Brown – Foxx’s joke also garnered criticism on social media, as some accused him of being “transphobic.”

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Jenner’s transition is reportedly being made public on the finale of this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to BuzzFeed. He is also slated to sit down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer to talk about his change, as well as star in a docu-series on E!

Foxx’s hosting duties at the iHeartRadio Music Awards also included jokes about the “Blurred Lines” case and Suge Knight’s simultaneous health and legal struggles. Watch his Bruce Jenner joke above.