Fly Or Fail: Katy Perry Rocks Gelled Baby Hair, Again


Clearly, Katy Perry has a fascination with pushing the envelope when it comes to her personal style. And time and time again, she’s being shaded and ripped to shreds from head to toe for it.

Whether it’s cotton candy tresses or a Pokemon-inspired stage outfit at the Super Bowl XLIX, Perry seems unfazed by the unwarranted attention her style and beauty choices bring – especially when people claim her costume-like ensembles are a form of cultural appropriation. So much so that she rocked a chignon with gelled down baby hairs at the Givenchy A/W 2015 Paris Fashion Week show this past Sunday (Mar. 8) with the utmost confidence (cues Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing). And this isn’t her first rodeo either, the rants regarding her baby hair ‘do first surfaced this summer when Katy went balls to the walls accompanying the unexpected look with two multicolor top knots and bleach blonde brows.

While Katy kept things subtle this time around think we can all agree that her gelled baby hair look has hit it’s peak saturation and is due to be laid to rest, for good.

Sorry Katy but we’re stamping the resurgence of this throwback look as a fail. Vixens, what do you think?