Kehlani Breaks Down Her ‘You Should Be Here’ Mixtape Cover Art

Kehlani is riding the wave of fame like a G. Known to her Stans (a.k.a. the Tsunami mob) as Baelani or Slaylani, the Bay Area songstress came up from nothing by flipping Big Sean’s middle finger anthem into “FWU.”

The feel-good melody anchored her eight-track EP, Cloud 19, a delightful mix of ’90s R&B samples and modern-day jams (“Get Away” would probably get Drake’s co-sign for its use of Ginuwine’s “So Anxious“). Now, she’s ramping up her second project, titled You Should Be Here, expected to land on SoundClouds by the end of April.

During a hilarious round of Jenga at VIBE HQ, Kehlani broke down the meaning of her project’s cover art, which she dropped minutes before the Q&A.

You Should Be Here drops end of April. artwork by @stixisdead …who's ready for a new mixtape? #YSBH

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“So my last tape was called Cloud 19 and the cover was me sitting on the edge of an airplane, staring at what I considered to be my view of the world like Tsunami clouds and my own planet,” she explains. “For this one, I’m sitting on top of a building so I’m more closer to the ground, watching the plane I was just on, take off.”

It’s not sheer coincidence that the (current) redhead is allowing her art to imitate life. “[The artwork is seen] from the back of me because I want people to understand that this is all from my view,” she continued. “I want you to experience this mixtape and feel your own story through me.”

Watch her explain the Stix-designed cover art in full below.

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Photo Credit: Stacy-Ann Ellis | Video Credit: Mikey Fresh

Stay tuned for the full Jenga interview with Kehlani.