The Details In Lil Wayne’s Lawsuit Against Birdman Are Hard To Fathom…


In case you’re still confused about this Lil Wayne and Cash Money feud and why Wayne is filing a $51 million lawsuit, entertainment lawyer, Combat Jack broke it down to Complex. To our surprise the fight actually started years ago. Peep a few notes below:

In 2005, Lil Wayne agreed to additional albums for increased royalties after his first Carter album.

In 2006, Lil Wayne negotiated higher advances in exchange for duet albums, months after the Carter II, explaining the release of Like Father, Like Son album three month later.

Fast-forward to June 2008. Tha Carter III release completes Wayne’s original 1998 contract. At this point Wayne now owes four solo albums and a duet album.

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In April 2009, Wayne re-negotiates his contract again for a $10 million advance for his solo albums — $8 million to start recording and $2 million when it’s done.

Fast-forward again to December 2014. Wayne presented Cash Money with Tha Carter V, but was allegedly only paid $2 million of the first $8 million owed, and not given the final $2 million at the album’s completion, tallying up to a total of $8 million dollars owed on that record alone.

In addition to the money, Wayne is also fighting for his label, Young Money, in which he only owns 49% of. However, he  is alleging that Cash Money never split the copyright in the first place. And finally, Wayne is also alleging that Cash Money has not made good on the $200,000 quarterly payments or $1 million in-house expense account agreed upon.

Lil Wayne will be ultimately fighting to end his and Young Money’s relationship with the label, and to restore all the copyright for the label and his music in the right place. This all sounds very messy, however there’s no word from Birdman on how things went down according to his side of the story.