This Is What Happens When You Throw A Banana Peel At Dave Chappelle

When someone is charged with battery, one would expect it to be for something super serious and incriminating. Well, that’s not quite the case for Dave Chappelle fans (or ex-fans, rather).

During a New Mexico show last night (Mar. 30), a highly intoxicated fan reportedly threw a banana peel at the comedian’s leg. The banana peel thrower—identified as Christian Englander—was charged with battery and disorderly conduct by Santa Fe police.

According to TMZ, Englander was upset because Chappelle put his friend on blast after he identified himself as “Johnny Appleseed.” Then Chappelle started joking on him. Evidently he missed the premise of a comedy show…

Anyway, good job dude. You gave Dave Chappelle more material and got charged for battery and disorderly conduct at the same damn time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images