Mayalino, Scarface And Pusha T Are Champions Of The Streets On ‘Kilo Champ’

When it comes to street-hop and dope boy talk not too many rappers do it better than Pusha T and living legend, Scarface. That’s why Mayalino teamed up with the aforementioned on his addictive get money anthem, “Kilo Champ.”

Over menacing production, Mayalino, Pusha and Facemob trade rhymes about their respective blocks and kilo exploits. After listening to “Kilo Champ,” you’ll definitely have that “eye of the tiger” when going on a paper chase.

Mayalino recently shared how he linked up with Face and Pusha T :

“I met Pusha T while in LA a few years back. He was working on Kanye’s “Mercy” joint at the time. We just ended up knocking out some records and we been cool ever since. And Scarface is the OG. When he came home from jail, I looked out for him. And he looked out for me. We all from the streets and they both respect what I’m trying to do.”

Stream Mayalino’s self-titled EP on Audiomack.