Legendary Co-Sign: Muhammad Ali Is Team Pacquiao

If a co-sign from a boxing legend is any indication of a possible “W,” Manny Pacquiao is in luck. The one and only Muhammad Ali has pledged his allegiance to the Filipino fighter in his upcoming bout against Floyd Mayweather.

TMZ caught up with Rasheda Ali, daughter of the celebrated heavyweight. She revealed that her father is a big Manny Pacquiao fan.

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“My dad really likes Manny. He’s a huge fan of his,” she said. “”He knows Manny’s a great fighter … but it’s more about what he does outside the ring. He’s such a charitable person.”

While Muhammad Ali will not be in attending the fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, his daughter assured that he would order the bout. When asked about Mayweather, Rasheda assured that her father respected the undefeated champ, but that the two have very different points of view.

“My dad stood for things. Mayweather … I don’t think there’s a comparison.”

Well then. There you have it, from the world-renowned fighter himself.