News Anchor Teases Co-Host Over ‘Hamburglar’ Shirt On Live Television

There are some things you just shouldn’t say on live television. But one FOX news anchor couldn’t resist teasing his co-host over her striped “hamburglar”-like shirt.

During a routine morning broadcast, St. Louis news anchor April Simpson overhead herself being teased being called out of her name:

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“Welcome back to FOX 2 news in the AM. Time to get you all caught up with the headlines. For that, the Hamburglar.”

Caught off guard and obviously tongue-tied, Simpson was stunned by her co-worker’s random joke. After giving him (Tim Ezell) a stunned look off-camera, she returned her attention to the screen with a more professional facial expression. As a matter of fact, the news anchor took the shade in stride, and responded with, “It’s your birthday. I’ll let it pass. No, I won’t. I’ll get you later.”

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The undated clip has since gone viral, largely thanks to comedian Kevin Hart who shared the video on Facebook, accompanied with the caption, “Whoah.” As for Ezell, he left the station in July 2014 to become a full-time pastor.

Vixens, what are your thoughts? Was Ezell out of line for his comment or was it all in fun?