Nicki Minaj Believes Birdman And Lil Wayne Will Mend Their Relationship

Lawsuits, constant album push backs, and entry denial at clubs. This Birdman and Lil Wayne feud has gone on long enough. But where does this leave Nicki Minaj in all of this?

In an interview with Charlie Sloth’s BBC Radio 1 program, Minaj addressed if she would leave the label with Weezy, should it come to that. “People know that I love Wayne and I have loyalty towards him, but I love Baby too,” says the Queens native. “I’m very close to Baby, and I don’t think people know that.”

The Barb continued to say, “I am banking on the fact that they’re gonna work this out like family, they’ve gone through things before, just like family does, and it is what it is. They gonna get through it. I’m not even gonna think that way.”

Nicki you could be right, but by the looks of things this may be a little different from what’s happened in the past.

Listen to the full interview below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images