Pharrell Is Standing By His Words On ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit: ‘There’s No Infringement’

Following his $7.3 million loss against the Marvin Gaye family, Pharrell Williams is still standing by his beliefs that he did there’s no infringement when it comes to “Blurred Lines.”

The producer and singer also voiced his opinion on how this may affect the future of designers and musicians. According to The Financial Times, Williams said, “The verdict handicaps any creator out there who is making something that might be inspired by something else. If we lose our freedom to be inspired we’re going to look up one day and the entertainment industry as we know it will be frozen in litigation. This is about protecting the intellectual rights of people who have ideas.”

Williams feels you can’t (and shouldn’t try to) own feeling nor emotions, and he’s not the only one who believes this. Film producer Harvey Weinstein shares similar view. “Everyone quotes things, even subconsciously, but this can be a disruptive decision,” he said. “What film-maker couldn’t sue another film-maker for making a movie that feels like another one? It’s deeply troubling.”

What line do we draw between stealing the work of another artist or simply being inspired by a feeling, what do you think?

Photo Credit: Getty Images