Premiere: Adrian Marcel Is Ready To Go In His ‘5 Minutes’ Video

Adrian Marcel is a man on a mission in his latest video for “5 Minutes.” Directed by Keoni Mars, the visual shows the Bay Area crooner cruising in the whip to his bae’s apartment while singing, “Baby, all you need is someone who’s gonna love you down.”

As a featured BET Music Matters artist, Marcel sung his way to #4 on iTunes’ Top R&B Songs Chart in 2014 with his breakout single “2AM.” His mixtapes, 7 Days of Weak and Weak After Next (executive produced by Raphael Saadiq), have made waves, featuring an array of grown and sexy jams.

Now, Adrian continues to infuse his Westside roots into his rhythm and blues. After teaming with hitmaker Rico Love for his recent single “Spending The Night Alone” and taking a cue from Christian Grey for his V-Day offering Fifty Shades of Adrian: Unplugged, the master serenader is hitting all the right notes.

See the “5 Minutes” visual off his forthcoming project Weak After Next Reloaded and our recent one-on-one with Marcel below.

VIBE: You teamed up with Rico Love to create “Spending The Night Alone.” How did you two end up working together?
Adrian Marcel: Rico has always been a real super cool friend of mine. We met up just kind of doing different things for BET, especially with Music Matters. He was talking about the way I performed and the passion I showcased so he flew me out to Miami. When I was there, we knocked out the record in a couple of hours. I mean I knew the first time I heard it, it was perfect. It was for me.

It seems like Raphael Saadiq is one of the realest MVPs on your team. People often call you his protege. Are you comfortable with that?
I’m comfortable with whatever you wanna call me. Not to say it doesn’t matter but, at the same time, people are going to have their opinions and that just happens to be a good one. I don’t get too caught up in the name. For me, it has to be real and genuine. As long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to do in showcasing passion, inspiration and motivation then so be it. From day one, it’s kind of been like that and either me or [Raphael] would be like, ‘Cool,’ laugh about it and keep working.

On your track “I’m Still,” you sing, “I’m still the same man I was before/Never will I let it change me/ Sometimes I sit alone/Hoping that this life won’t faze me.” What was the biggest obstacle you faced before you got signed to Republic Records?
I think artists sometime distract ourselves. We make things a little more difficult for ourselves. We overthink things and I think that was one of the biggest things for me, worrying about, ‘Can I sing good enough? Is my hair okay? Will they accept me? Is this it?’ From the smallest to biggest things, I just worry too much. [Raphael] did an excellent job by just stepping in and showing me how to believe in myself even more, in an industry sort of matter. He was just like, ‘Hey, man, trust yourself.’

You went on tour with The Dream, Kelly Rowland and Keyshia Cole at one point. What was your wildest moment on the road?
A man offered me his wife. He was like, ‘Hey man, you know my wife is just such a big fan. She loves you, man. We sit and listen to your music all day. Sometimes we put it on when we make love, man, but… I know this may be a little weird for you but is there any way… maybe one night with my wife? Tonight?’ I’m just sitting there, kinda dumbfounded. It was definitely an awkward moment for sure.