Raven Symone Is The Beyhive’s Latest Target

The Beyhive strikes again!

Just last week they were swarming Kid Rock, and this week Raven Symone is feeling the wrath of Beyonce’s infamous ride-or-die fans. And it all stemmed from a selfie of Raven and the Original Queen Bee, Lil Kim. Symone captioned the photo:

“#beehive last night was epic! @jussiesmollett @carlysia.levert @nikes_nae and so many more were graced with the presence of @lilkimthequeenbee …BABY!!! She is the queen!!!! Living!!!! Lived!!!!! #labellamafia.

After being swarmed and attacked, Raven came to her own defense by posting another photo of Lil Kim’s tracklist to her La Bella Mafia album – clarifying that she meant no harm and loves Beyonce’ just as much as everyone else saying:

“I love Beyoncé too. But La Bella Mafia @lilkimthequeenbee had a track called BeeHive, this album came out 2003, when Beyonce just started to become dangerously in love….. Calm down #new #beehive I’m not coming for your queen Bee… I’m just showing love to my #hardcore #queenbee.”

Vixens, check out the tracklist Raven posted below. Was she wrong or was the Beyhive just trolling for a reaction as usual?