Red Bull Announces World Famous ‘Thre3style National Final DJ Competition’

On Feb. 23, Red Bull’s Thre3style announced the upcoming 2015 USA World DJ Championships, which will take place on April 2-4 in Phoenix, AZ.

Sixty DJs from across the country battled for a chance to showcase their skills in Phoenix. Of the sixty — only twelve are left. The finalists include: Trayze (Mount Rainier, MD), DJ Reed Streets (Wenonah, NJ), DJ Bonics (Philadelphia),Boi Jeanius (Chicago), DJ Spare Change (Dayton, OH),DJ B Stee (Kansas City), J Espinosa (San Bruno, CA), Dynamix (Los Angeles), DJ Akshen (Phoenix), DJ Obscene (Miami), DJ Jaycee (Atlanta), DJ Buck Rodgers (Austin).

The 12 finalists will be divided into two groups. The first group will compete on Thursday, April 2nd and the second group will compete on Friday, April 3rd. The winner of the final two DJs will advance to Thre3style World Final in Tokyo, Japan.

Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and Z-Trip will judge the Red Bull Thre3style USA Champion.

“I’m privileged to be apart of the Red Bull Thre3style movement,” states veteran DJ Jazzy Jeff. “Each year, the DJs bring their ‘A-game’ to the Finals and it’s exciting to continue to put new talent on the map for the world to see.”