Review: PARTYNEXTDOOR Brings The Party Back To New York

A remedy for the cold, wintry nights of cuffing season arrived in New York City: an extreme dose of PARTYNEXTDOOR. Young couples and single ladies crowded Manhattan’s Irving Plaza (March 1), finding shelter from the snow storm inside for a night of K-Y-drenched R&B.

The sold-out show for the Miami crooner was colored with a diverse crowd, including a mix of ‘locs, Supreme hats, and Dominican salon blowouts. A few familiar faces such as HOT97’s Ebro Darden, A$AP Illz, and Peter Gunz, also lingered around the dimly lit venue.

The bash began with PARTY’s appropriate intro song “Welcome To The Party.” Centered in-between two light fixtures and a white screen illuminated with a montage of nature flicks (palm trees, snow, moving water all surfaced), OVO Sound’s marquee artist moved the crowd in his signature “Ferina” beanie, black jacket and stunner shades.

Shortly after his opener, he had the urge to thank his fans. “The purpose of tonight is to hear R&B music live. I only have two mixtapes, so… I love you. This is the definition of ground up, and everyone here is day 1” he said before his smooth transition into “Make a Mil.” After announcing that he just bought a crib in South Beach, PND’s Drake-assisted hit “Over Here” boomed through the speakers. “I do it for my fucking city,” he said.

The set soon turned way up when PARTY serenaded a special lady sitting on stage, singing lines from “Let’s Get Married” like, “I finally realized what I need/Can only be royal if you loyal girl.” On cue, the women went bonkers as dollars began to fall from the balcony. PARTY even wanted to sip some champagne with the girls in the front row (with a swift wristband check, of course).

When PARTY returned after a short intermission, he offered up his newer joints from “SLS” to “Bout It.” The lights even changed colors with each track, a visual nod to his Colours EP. “West District” soundtracked what looked like a Victorian play, as dark, cloudy skies and doves flew across the screen. Even the Disclosure-sampling “Sex On The Beach” made the temperature rise.

PND then wrapped the show with his most popular hit “Recognize” (another Drake collaboration despite the 6 God’s real-life absence), leaving both Stans and newbies to his catalog satisfied.

Welcome to the Party
Right Now
Make A Mil
Over Here
Break From Toronto
Wild Bitches
West District
Persian Rugs
Let’s Get Married
Sex on the Beach
Bout It
Girl From Oakland
Juss Know
Don’t Worry