Run The Jewels Release Powerful Video About Police Brutality, ‘Close Your Eyes And Count To ‘F**k’

Run The Jewels never run short on explosive lyrics. “Close Your Eyes and Count To Fuck,” from their 2014 EP Run The Jewels 2 is, arguably, the most politcally charged and riot inciting song from the eleven-track project.

Killer and El treat fans to the powerful AG Rojas-directed visual for “Close Your Eyes and Count To Fuck.” The gripping black and white video touches on police brutality — which Killer has been vocal about – -as a white cop and a black youth get into a physical confrontation that never ends.

Killer Mike said: “This video represents the futile and exhausting existence of a purgatory-like law enforcement system. There is no neat solution at the end because there is no neat solution in the real world. However, there is an opportunity to dialogue and change the way communities are policed in this country. Salutes to AG Rojas for his unique take on the subject matter and to Shea and Keith for giving us their all and bringing it to life.”

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Peep the video above and visit the duo’s webpage to read the full statement about the video.