Safaree Handles Being Charged Up By Brooklyn Goons Like A Boss

What some people fail to realize is that there’s a difference between acting on fear and moving with intelligence. After a recent incident, Safaree Samuels has a firm grasp on the latter.

According to various reports, yesterday SB was “run off” by a gang Brooklyn boys when he went to Flatbush to shoot his “Multiply” music video. Mind you, unlike his famous ex and her Southside Jamaica, Queens pride, Safaree is actually from Brooklyn.

Anyway, the group of seven or so guys crowded around SB and told him to leave their block “or else.” While he listened to them flap their gums, he donned that signature unbothered face and turned to calmly walk away. An aspiring Brooklyn rapper under the IG name “Killavuitton718″ was on hand to record what they’d hoped would become a confrontation.

Extended footage also shows the boys approaching SB at his car window. As they talk their mess, he is silent and unflinching, maintaining full eye contact.

Some Instagrammers wondered why he didn’t bark back—even The Game wanted him to go back to the block and confront them—but every battle isn’t worth fighting, especially if there’s a possibility guns may be involved. He lost nothing by walking away.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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