Slum Village And Phife Dawg Offer Inspiration On ‘Push It Along’


As Slum Village puts the finishing touches on their upcoming album, Yes, the Detroit crew drops a freebie, “Push It Along,” with A Tribe Called Quest’s legendary, Phife Dawg.

Produced by Young RJ, “Push It Along” borrows from Tribe’s original and delivers the same introspective, uplifting lyrics, sprinkled with sagacious logic. This serves as a reminder of why hip-hop was created and the conditions that indirectly anchored the culture.

Phife raps: “Coming from the urban city ghetto/But we still king, queen, natural born rebels/Black tails/crack sells… but we still pushing it along/We’ve done seen everything from niggas gun fights, selling dope, getting cream.”

Slum Village’s Yes album is slated to drop this spring and features appearances from Chance The Rapper, Jon Connor, De La Soul, J. Dilla, Black Milk, among others.

Peep the track below.