‘SNL’ Helps ‘Empire’ Appeal To White America With Chris Hemsworth

Here’s further proof that FOX’s Empire has finally made it: Saturday Night Live dedicated a sketch to the television sensation. Starring Kenan Thompson and Luscious and Sasheer Zamata as Cookie, a new spoof helps the show reach a wider audience with help from Avengers: Age Of Ultron star Chris Hemsworth.

“Empire has already taken Black America by storm. But what about White America? We’ve got you covered. This week, we introduce a new character: Chip.”

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Playing Luscious’ new office assistant Chip, Hemsworth is not fully prepared for the Lyon family’s antics. Between Cookie’s broom-based discipline, and stories of Luscious throwing his gay children in the trash, Chip – a white guy in khakis – has a hell of a first day. Hilariously interjecting their over-the-top drama with cards, balloons and expense report inquiries, the SNL sketch proves that Empire is really no place for Chip.

Watch Saturday Night Live introduce a new character to Empire in the video above.