Students At University Of Oklahoma Say SAE Video Wasn’t Shocking

The release of the highly controversial video of University of Oklahoma’s SAE fraternity chanting the N-word has spurred a national uproar. And now some of the students at the university are taking a stance and speaking out on the topic as well.

Lauren Whiteman and Meagan Johnson, members of a Black student alliance on the school’s campus named Unheard — who exposed the fraternity — have recently told BET’S What’s at Stake how not surprising the fraternity’s actions were.

“The video wasn’t a shock,” Johnson revealed. “We were upset, we were angry, but the video and the content wasn’t shocking at all to us.”

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The students explained that their peers of color at the university experience a slew of microaggressions (slight racial snubs) on a daily basis.

Unheard has been fighting for more inclusion on campus, which has propelled students and faculty members to participate in creating this change, too.

“We had a rally protest Monday morning. It was so many people, probably close to 1,000 — maybe a little more,” Whiteman noted. “There are a lot of different departments that are actively trying to be involved.”

The ladies also discussed the plight rap music has with the N-word, how racism directly affects their own lives and what changes need to be made so that their campus can use this tumultuous time as a learning experience. Watch the full conversation on What’s at Stake above. – Richy Rosario