Premiere: Ohio’s SupaNatra Changes Lanes On ‘Strange (Freestlye)’

Sometimes we need a break from trapping, kilo trafficking and cliché rhymeslingers. Sometimes we just want to hear conceptual spitters drop mature content filled with relateble lyrics.

Enter Columbus, Ohio’s rapper/producer SupaNatra. Over a 9th Wonder production the Chief ExecGang capo lays poetically charged lyrics on an array of topics like money hungry chicks, lame dudes and bossing-up. With clever lines like, “You niggas can’t network when that Wi-Fi off/Niggas gotta get plugged in and dial up the boss,” Supa showcases his knack for dropping brain music as opposed to booty music.

However, the beatmaker can bang out backdrops for ladies to bounce thier ass to. Recently, the alluring K. Michelle was spotted twerking to Safaree’s “Burner,” which is produced by SupaNatra.

Also back in 2014, Supa was invited to New York to preview his fresh material inside the office of hip-hop mogul Kevin Liles.

Click play below.

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